Embeddable software to add NDMP capability to NAS platforms


Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is the industry standard protocol for backing up NAS data. DinoStor NDMP for NAS™ is a set of software components that can be quickly integrated with proprietary NAS platforms to enable full NDMP support.

NDMP gives NAS Servers instant compatibility with every major backup management application


NDMP is Required

NDMP is a must have requirement for enterprise customers making NAS purchase decisions. For storage vendors, trying to sell an enterprise NAS server without NDMP is a non-starter.

In-house Development is Expensive

The cost of implementing NDMP from scratch can be prohibitively high for NAS vendors. It consumes extensive engineering resources to develop NDMP in-house and to ensure interoperability with backup management applications and devices. Storage vendors have used DinoStor NDMP for NAS to add NDMP capability to their NAS platforms for a fraction of the cost it normally takes to build NDMP from scratch.

Eliminate Risk

DinoStor NDMP for NAS is the most deployed, most stable, and most field-tested third party NDMP enabling kit in the world, making it the safest choice to enable NDMP on NAS platforms.

Reduce Time to Market

Many storage vendors have integrated the DinoStor NDMP for NAS on their platforms to bring NDMP feature to market in 8-12 weeks.