NAS Data Migrator

Embeddable software to enable data migration from other NAS brands


Migrating live data between dissimilar NAS systems is a significant challenge in data centers. It is complex, time consuming, and error-prone. The challenge of data migration can be so daunting that customers often resist switching to newer brands of NAS servers, creating a formidable market barrier for new generation storage vendors. DinoStor NAS Data Migrator™ helps storage vendors break that barrier.

By embedding DinoStor Data Migrator in their NAS platforms, new generation storage vendors can offer data migration from competing NAS systems as a native feature.


Easy to Use

Migrates data with just a few mouse clicks on a browser GUI freeing storage administrator from writing time consuming, complex and error-prone migration scripts.

Self Service Convenience

Allows storage administrators to migrate what they want when they want, saving time and money normally spent on professional services staff.

Live Migration

Offers uninterrupted user access to NAS systems during migration.

Broad NAS Support

Supports migration from a wide range of legacy NAS systems including those from NetApp™ and Dell EMC™.

Unparalleled Performance

Transfers data at wire speed directly from legacy to new NAS servers without using intermediate hosts.

Total Data Integrity

Maintains 100% data integrity by fully migrating permissions, ACLs, and other metadata.

Accurate Switchover Estimates

Helps storage administrators plan for orderly switchover to new NAS servers by providing accurate estimates of migration task duration.

Advanced Controls

Helps storage administrators achieve the most optimal migration results by providing flexible controls to manage NAS server resource usage and availability schedule.

Automatic or Manual

Allows for migration tasks to be set up in an automatic set-and-forget mode or in a highly controllable manual mode.

Insightful Monitoring

Dynamic dashboards offer deep insight into current and past migration tasks. Timely alarms and events notify the administrator whenever something needs attention.

Enterprise Ready

Migrates with virtually no limit on the size of the data or the number of migration tasks.

Integrates with popular enterprise system management tools such as Nagios™.

Nothing to Install

Uses native network data protocols already available on NAS servers. There is no need for the user to install any software on any system.