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With its focus on solving critical backup problems associated with Network-Attached Storage (NAS), DinoStor™ delivers a broad range of products and services to benefit users and vendors of NAS solutions.

Whether you need a more effective way to back up NAS data or assistance in developing storage software applications, DinoStor can fulfill your needs with affordable and innovative options.

DinoStor offers products and services for the rapidly growing NAS market by leveraging its industry-leading expertise in key storage network applications, such as Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP).

NAS solutions from DinoStor include DinoStor TapeServer, DinoStor NDMP Server Development Kit, NAS software development services, and interoperability testing.

Make the Most of Your Tape Backup Libraries
DinoStor TapeServer connects one or more tape libraries to your Ethernet network so you can back up several NAS servers without a local backup device for each.
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The Fastest Way to NDMP Support for NAS Vendors
DinoStor NDMP Server Development Kit can accelerate product development by supplying rigorously tested, fully compliant NDMP code for your NAS appliances.
Link Products/NDMP Server SDK

A Broad Range of Services
DinoStor offers development services and interoperability testing services to help you bring your products to market faster.
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