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set_ndmp_attr -auth (IP address) (ndmp loginid) (ndmp password)
For example:
set_ndmp_attr -auth ndmp ndmp
  • Authorization can be reviewed using the command:
  • set_ndmp_attr -list
    Record Type: Authentication
    NDMP Server:
    Username: ndmp
    Password: ndmp
  • Configure robotic control using the command:
  • set_ndmp_attr -robot (TapeServer name/IP address) (robot device) (scsi controller) (scsi-id) (scsi-lun)
    For example:
    set_ndmp_attr -robot /dev/scsi/sgh1-1c0i5l0 0 5 0
  • Invoke Veirtas Netbackup GUI and set up robots, devices, storage pools, schedules and poilicies

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