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Each day, as your NAS backup data grows, your resources to back up that data remain the same. With this amassing of NAS data, you need a solution that optimizes the tape storage resources you have, lowering total cost of ownership and boosting your return on investment. DinoStor introduces TapeServer, the versatile appliance for sharing SCSI and Fibre Channel (FC) tape libraries among your NDMP-enabled NAS servers on the network.

DinoStor TapeServer allows you to easily add network capability to your existing tape libraries, simultaneously extending their usefulness and protecting your investment. The sharing of tape libraries utilizes your existing Ethernet infrastructure, further optimizing resources already in place. In fact, by leveraging your existing infrastructure and tape libraries, TapeServer affordably extends backup capability to any NDMP-capable computer.

By sharing one or more tape libraries on the network, DinoStor TapeServer eliminates the need for a dedicated tape drive/library for each NAS server, resulting in significant cost savings for your datacenter. Pooling your tape libraries on the network also enables you to shrink your backup windows by allowing multiple backup data streams from your NAS server to use multiple tape libraries simultaneously.

When you consolidate your tape resources with TapeServer on an Ethernet network, you significantly increase the availability of your NAS resources. TapeServer eliminates the direct link between tape library and NAS server, so library maintenance does not force you to sacrifice NAS server availability.

For scenarios in which a NAS server with an attached tape library has been functioning as the backup server for other networked servers, TapeServer removes the backup server load and boosts NAS and network performance.

Implementing TapeServer over your existing Ethernet connection, you achieve impressive backup speeds — up to 120 megabytes per second per Ethernet port. You gain greater flexibility too — TapeServer frees your network from the distance limitations of SCSI-attached devices, so you can safeguard previously unprotected NAS islands.

TapeServer allows you to centralize and simplify NAS backup operations. Its plug-and-play connectivity provides an easy way to protect your existing investment in network infrastructure and tape libraries, regardless of vendor and format. Additionally, TapeServer offers AES based encryption of backup data protecting your data from unauthorized access.

TapeServer — the affordable, effective way to share tape libraries.

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How TapeServer Works
DinoStor TapeServer makes SCSI and FC tape libraries network-capable, allowing NAS servers to share tape drives via Ethernet. The TapeServer uses industry-standard NDMP to share tape drives without requiring any proprietary changes to your backup management application or NAS server. In addition, the TapeServer can optionally encrypt your backup data using the AES security standard.

quick start
Setup of the TapeServer is made easy via a keypad/LCD interface, a web-based administrative user interface, as well as a command line interface

Once setup, your NDMP-capable backup management application can then be instructed to query the TapeServer for attached backup devices and initiate backup of NAS servers to those devices. Once initiated, backup data is sent directly from the NAS servers to the backup devices via the TapeServer on the Ethernet network.

DinoStor TapeServer works with SCSI and FC backup devices, NDMP-capable NAS servers, and backup management applications.

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