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DinoStor devises solutions to problems endemic to NAS. Whether you use NAS in the operation of your business, or whether your business is the delivery of NAS-related products, DinoStor has applied its expertise and analytical skills to address your driving concerns.

If you are a NAS administrator, you are concerned with backing up networked data via efficient, cost-effective means. DinoStor TapeServer makes it possible to share tape libraries over an Ethernet network, optimizing the use of expensive tape libraries to lower backup cost, shrink backup windows, and reduce management overhead.

If you are involved in the development of products for use in NAS environments, you face the time-consuming and sometimes daunting task of ensuring that products properly support the NDMP backup protocol. Of course, any delay in development signals a delay in your product release and ultimately in profit generation! DinoStor NDMP Server SDK aids vendors of NAS appliances by providing thoroughly tested NDMP software that can significantly speed products to market.

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