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How TapeServer Works (from Theory of Operation)

(Diagram from Analystsí report showing TapeServer, Ethernet network, tape libraries, servers, Ultra SCSI and Ethernet connections).

DinoStorís TapeServer makes SCSI tape libraries network- capable. TapeServer makes it possible to link one or more tape libraries, NAS servers, application servers, mail servers and desktop PCs to an Ethernet network, so the servers and PCs can be backed up without a locally-attached backup device.

With TapeServer, your backup management applications are able to communicate with your NDMP-compliant NAS servers. NDMP provides a common interface between any backup software application and any networked storage device, making it possible for vendors to support a wide variety of NAS devices without having to redesign their backup software applications. Once TapeServer is installed, the NAS servers begin to back up data to the libraries through the TapeServer.

Easy Installation

(Diagram from Data Sheet showing TapeServer connections)

The simple plug-and-play installation process only requires the attachment of a network Ethernet connection to the 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port, and connection of the tape library to one of the two available Ultra 160 SCSI ports.

Installation is an easy four-step process. Plug in the power. Hook up tape libraries. Connect to the Ethernet network. Enter your settings via the browser-based GUI.


DinoStor TapeServer allows your IT department to achieve improved efficiencies in storage networking with minimal effort by centralizing NAS backup operations and providing simple browser-based administration of all TapeServer functions.

The solution eliminates the need for dedicated hardware, resulting in a much lower TCO, and allows companies to easily share tape libraries, while preserving their investments in network infrastructure and library hardware.

The libraries can be shared by multiple NAS filers, without the complexity and expense of proprietary solutions linked to a single vendorís hardware or software platform. By severing the direct SCSI connection between tape libraries and NAS filers, DinoStor TapeServer supercharges filer performance by removing the overhead of backup processing, and improves filer reliability as it no longer affected by librariesí downtime.

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