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Now you can save time and money on developing NDMP support for your NAS appliances. DinoStor, the leader in NDMP applications, offers NDMP Server Software Development Kit (SDK), a powerful, cost-effective NDMP toolkit that expedites and simplifies the development of your NAS appliances.

Whether you are implementing a new NDMP server or enhancing one to support the latest version of the protocol, DinoStor NDMP Server SDK modules will help you finish your NDMP project faster and at lower cost than if you built it from scratch.

Relying on DinoStor NDMP Server SDK to provide NDMP support makes sense because implementing NDMP is complex. And testing an NDMP implementation for interoperability with backup management applications is expensive and time consuming. Licensing DinoStor's NDMP implementation rather than building your own will reduce your costs and the time required to bring your product to market.

Available in source code form, DinoStor NDMP Server SDK is an auto-negotiating NDMP server toolkit that supports NDMP versions 2, 3, and 4. Thoroughly tested with leading backup-management applications, this optimized SDK runs on a variety of operating systems and file systems. It can be easily customized to suit almost any multitasking operating system and any modern file system. DinoStor also offers customization services.

The licensed software provided with SDK includes the NDMP core, a free NDMP-compliant tape driver, a data module, and a low-level backup/recovery application.

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Why You Need NDMP
NDMP is indispensable for NAS. This crucial protocol, a firmly established standard in networked storage, provides the easiest and most effective way to establish plug-and-play, heterogeneous backup connectivity among all your NAS components — storage servers, tape libraries, and backup management software.
Leading backup management software vendors, such as Symantec (formerly Veritas), EMC (formerly Legato), Computer Associates, Tivoli, HP, CommVault, Oracle, BakBone, SyncSort, and Atempo, support NDMP. By implementing NDMP support on your storage server, you instantly empower your storage server to be backed up by all the leading backup management software! Consider the alternative of having to develop proprietary agents to support every backup management software product in the market.
If you are still unsure why you need NDMP or if you would like to discuss how to implement NDMP for your network storage server, please contact DinoStor, the leader in NDMP solutions.

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